Week 12 Team Project: Current Issues

Team assignments will be posted in Moodle.


  • Read about and consider deeply one current issue relevant to the application of human genetic knowledge.
  • Create and review example infographics to communicate details about current issues in human genetics to a general audience.

Participation Activities

  • Read & Discuss via Perusall each of your Team Resource reading(s) listed below - THIS TASK CAN BE COMPLETED FOR CREDIT UP TO THREE TIMES
  • Find & Share either a popular source or a scholarly source about your topic and provide a 1 paragraph (3-5 sentence) summary on your team’s discussion forum - THIS ACTIVITY CAN BE COMPLETED FOR CREDIT UP TO TWO TIMES.
  • Team Project Meeting, Thursday, 11:00 am - 12:20 pm (CT)
    • Teams will work together to produce an infographic about their topic.

Team Resources

Pre-selected articles are listed below. Team discussion forums and shared google docs are available in Moodle.


Embryo Selection

Law Enforcement

Personalized Medicine

Prediction of Individuals

Course Project Assignment Due

  • Project Milestone 4: Draft popular source