Method Summary Template

Method Name

Data requirements: How many participants do we need? What kind of data? Any special characteristics of those participants (eg. twins, not humans)? What information do we need to plan the analysis (eg. previously identified genes)?

Assumptions: Does the method rely on any assumptions? Do they seem reasonable?

In plain language, how does it work?

Typical output: How are the results usually reported and evaluated? What kind of effect sizes should the reader expect to encounter? What effect sizes are typical? What kinds of graphs are used to report the results?

Examples: As brief and clear as possible, no more than a few sentences per example. Use the examples to illustrate the idea, not necessarily fully describe a study.

Which themes* does the method address?

What are we able to conclude from this method?

Can it tell us if genes cause behavior in humans? Why or why not?

* Themes include those summarized in:

For reviews of common methods and causal reasoning, refer back to: