Empirical Article Summary Template

Citation: (APA format)

Primary method(s): (e.g. GWAS, twin/family study, polygenic score, candidate gene, meta-analysis)

Participants: (include number (N), demographic characteristics, and any inclusion/exclusion criteria)

Phenotype(s): (include operationalization - how did they measure/define the construct?)

Primary finding:

Primary effect size: (including metric, e.g. odds ratio (OR), regression coefficient (b), correlation (r or beta), variance explained (r^2) or heritability/environmentality (a^2, d^2, c^2, e^2); a p-value is NOT an effect size)

Which themes* does the paper address?

What is your favorite table or figure? Why?

Has the finding replicated? How can you tell?

* Themes include those summarized in: